Windows: What’s your type?

By Nirdesh, Ravi Agarwal on Jul 23rd, 2019

Deciding the material and design for doors is easier than that for the windows. The main entrance is all about safety and appearance, while room doors are about partial or complete privacy. Windows are more dynamic for exposure to light and rain, aesthetics, coverage, purpose and adjoining seating space.

Selecting the first window design presented to you while fabricating new windows can hinder you from enjoying these beauties at their full advantage. You must be clear with your requirement and ask which window option is better and why. Since there are a variety of designs and options available in the market, making the correct choice can get a bit unnerving. Criteria such as the strength, durability and ease of maintenance should be considered before making the final selection.


One may choose between wood or uPVC. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. Wood is a conventional window material that goes well with traditional house decor. A primary concern with wooden windows is that wood swells in the rainy season and may require regular maintenance like polishing and repairing. uPVC and aluminium windows are modern solutions that are affordable, secure, durable and low-maintenance.

Window style

Once the base material has been chosen, it is important to select a window style. Casement windows are the most preferred windows for a home. They are hinged, can swing wide open in the outward direction and bring in maximum light and ventilation. Sliding windows glide horizontally on rollers along a track. They are fabricated in materials like aluminium and uPVC.

Tilt-and-turn windows can swing open like casement windows and can also tilt open from the top for ventilation. Picture windows are fixed windows that let light filter into the interiors. They bring in the outdoor views but do not offer ventilation.

Energy-efficient and soundproof windows

You need to install insulated double-glazed or triple-glazed uPVC or aluminium windows for energy efficient and soundproofed homes. These are advanced window systems that are manufactured from two or three panes of glass, the spaces between which is filled with inert gases like argon, krypton or neon, forming an airtight seal and an insulating barrier between the interiors and exteriors of the building. These windows considerably bring down the air conditioning costs and create an energy-efficient home.

Insulated uPVC windows are becoming very popular in the hot regions where you want to keep out the heat. Also, good manufacturing brands install rain tracks in these windows. During the monsoon, rainwater is collected within the track and drained out.

Locking system

The security and locking system of a window plays a very important role. Wooden windows have simple latches, which does not make wooden windows very secure. Also, laminated or toughened glass does not add to the security of wooden windows because the panes are fixed to the window with putty or glazing beads, which can be easily removed. Advanced locking systems are available in uPVC and aluminium windows. They can be combined with break-free toughened glass or laminated glass glazing.

Cost and warranty

It is essential to compare the costs of different window types and select what suits your budget. For long-term durability, it is advisable to opt for right uPVC or aluminium windows manufactured by brands that offer warranty and after-sales service. In case you are fabricating wooden windows on site, make sure that the contractor provides good workmanship and uses premium raw materials such as timber or weathered wood as per the specifications of the architect.

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