The Rising Star

When the sky washes its purple paint, to spread the fresh orange color on our Earth’s canvas, the golden ball – Sun, gets ready to come out of the starry blanket and rise high with its fiery magic, bringing a new day along with it, every single day. NexRise, the Sun of the real estate land, rises every day, spreading its new rays that light up the world, with its power to change.


Rooted for over 50 years, NexRise has climbed steadily, leaving an indelible mark with 50+ landmark projects across Gujarat, encompassing over 10 million sq. ft. As trends evolve rapidly, NexRise, attuned to the pulse of modern lifestyles, offers diverse options through local expertise and global partnerships.

Success, for NexRise, is measured in clarity and transparency with customers, employees, investors and the community. Like stars in the sky, NexRise shines with diverse features, expanding its housing empire across premium and affordable segments, integrating project planning, construction, sales, and interior furnishing.

With a robust five-decade legacy in Indian real estate, NexRise prioritizes longevity. The focus extends to rising prominently across India and venturing into Tier II and III cities. The overarching goal is to create a sustained impact, ensuring that whatever NexRise raises on Earth endures for generations — be it in structures, profits, brands, or goodwill.

10 Million +

Sq. Ft Delivered across the country.

10000 +

Happy Home owners

40000 +

strong customer base

1.5 Million +

Sq. Ft under Construction

Team Member


With a legacy dating back to 1978, Mr. Praful Agarwal spearheads the group's operations in Gujarat, establishing an unmatched brand reputation. An influential figure, he has been instrumental in leading the group's expansion into Hyderabad


Fueling NexRise's vision, growth, and trajectory is the dynamic leadership of Mr. Nitish Agarwal. His innovative mindset propels the company into new realms of success.


A first generation entrepreneur has single-handedly inspired the company. Under his entrepreneurship and able leadership, the organisation has grown stronger and today the company has reached the zenith where it can be termed as the synonym for finest quality.

Creating the Future | Vision

Lead the redevelopment sector globally by setting new industry standards in state-of-the-art quality, distinctive excellence, unparalleled performance, and unmatched authenticity.

Built on Trust | Mission

Create a world where exceptional amenities elevate everyday experiences, touching every facet of life. Like a sunflower reaching for the sun, we set our sights high, crafting spaces where aspirations rise. We champion eco-friendly projects, ensuring a path towards a sustainable tomorrow with a commitment to net-zero energy.

Rooted in Culture | Values

Quality, Technology, and Adaptability are our foundational principles. Validated by our ISO Certification, we have garnered trust from customers and partners, fostering genuine community spirit and propelling our collective journey towards shared goals and future growth.

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