How to Add Vitality and Glamour to Your Bathrooms

By Nirdesh, Ravi Agarwal on Jun 26th, 2019

It’s time to ditch boring tiles, grimy hardware and mundane mirrors. Bathrooms are integral spaces in the house for its occupants as well as the guests. Whether you have ample space to indulge in a spa-like wash room or just enough to comfortably function, aesthetic upgrades in the restrooms go a long way in beginning and ending your day on the right note. Both homeowners and renters can use these hacks to give a much-needed facelift to their private retreat.

Aesthetic lighting: Dull fixtures, exposed bulbs and cold lighting can suck the luster out of your bathroom. Replace your existing lights with statement wall lighting display that takes center stage. However, be careful to keep the fixture at a safe distance from the bathing area and to avoid tiled walls for the same.  Minimalist, overhead pendant lamps can also create a warm aura.

Mirror mirror on the wall: If your bathroom hosts a contractor-grade mirror, it’s time you swap it with a dazzling mirror that channels style and sophistication into your space. There are a plethora of designs available from gilded, foliated and sunburst borders to more restrained forms that straddle modern minimalism. Choose a mirror that speaks to you and fits into your bathroom’s existing decor scheme.

Wall Art: Turn your bathroom into an artistic cocoon with eclectic pictures. If you have a narrow area to work with, arrange your frames in a column. Alternatively, if you have ample wall space at your disposal, go for an art-gallery-style wall display. But if you have a tiled wall, drilling holes in the tile can cause it to break. So mount your pictures using removable hanging strips that are available online.

Countertop decor: A spa-inspired vignette can turn your bathroom into a restful sanctum. It doesn’t take much to create. Sift through your existing decor collection for little treasures that you can reuse. Candle holders, vases and trinkets can elevate your aesthetic by several notches. Artfully arranged tea lights, a pretty vase, a decorative soap dispenser and a basket of bundled towels can breathe calming vibes into your bathroom.

Waterproof decals: There is no better way to give your bathroom an instant overhaul than with delightful stickers. From delicate mosaic patterns to larger-than-life wall murals, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to waterproof and peel-and-stick decals.

Vibrant shower curtain: If your bathroom perpetually looks lifeless, give it an interesting spin with a bright shower curtain. Nothing can add zest more than a bold curtain in an all-white washroom. This is an instant way to inject a cheerful touch of vibrance into your bathing chamber. What’s more, you can do it without breaking the bank or your landlord’s trust!

Glam hardware: Unattractive hardware in the bathroom can be a dreadful eyesore. Give it a thorough polish to recover shine and sparkle by a professional help if required. Alternatively, you can consider upgrading your hardware entirely. Invest in gilded towel rings, rails, taps and shower heads to give your bathroom a royal air. A special consideration towards the elderly while designing the bathroom can not only make their time in the restroom more comfortable but also save them from accidents. Grip bars near the commode and shower area can support them when needed while anti-skid mats ensure additional safety from wet floors. When it’s time to leave your rented apartment, you can reinstall the original fittings and carry your hardware with you.

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