Vastu Tips for Kitchen – Your way to Health, Wealth and Prosperity

By Nirdesh, Ravi Agarwal on Jun 3rd, 2019

The kitchen represents fire as the main element. Interestingly, it also represents water as the secondary element.  See how crucial space you get your nutrition from is? The actual fire transforms uncooked or raw food into nutritious meals that not only satiate your hunger but also determine the short term and long term health of your family. What would happen if the food cooked in your kitchen starts to instill negative energy? That’s why it is vital that the energy in your cooking space is positive and Vastu friendly.

To make the process easier for you, we have enlisted things to do and things to avoid while planning and arranging your kitchen.

Things to do:

  • Place platform of the kitchen in East and South-East corner.
  • Put cooking gas burner or stove in South-East corner of the kitchen, make sure that it is a few inches away from the wall.
  • Provide an “L” shaped platform, next to the kitchen’s primary platform, near the South wall and use this platform for keeping and operating the electronics like microwave, OTG, mixer, toaster, etc.
  • Use North-East to set up the sink.
  • Use North or North-East to keep drinking water and utensils for drinking water.
  • Keep grain boxes, pulses, various spices, salt in South or West direction.
  • Have two windows in the East and West walls of the kitchen and place an exhaust fan in any of the gaps.
  • You can optionally place a dining table in North-West or West side of the kitchen.
  • Keep lightweight things in East or North.
  • The cook must always face towards the East while cooking; this ensures the good health of family members.
  • Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red as floor and wall colors of the kitchen.
  • You can place a refrigerator in South-East, South, West, or North direction. If the refrigerator is in South-West direction, then place it a foot away from the wall to avoid maintenance issues.
  • Give a sacred offering to fire of the first thing you prepare to ensure peace and prosperity.
  • Clean the kitchen platform and utensils every night before sleeping.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid kitchen directly under or above the prayer room.
  • Do not have kitchen directly under or above toilets.
  • Avoid kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  • Do not place cooking gas burner or stove directly in front of the kitchen’s entrance door.
  • Do not have the main door of the kitchen in corners; place it in East, North, or West wall.
  • Kitchen in South-West leads to clashes among family members.
  • A kitchen in a North-West direction is acceptable, but it leads to an increase in monetary expenditure.
  • Most dangerous kitchen is the one placed in North direction; as North is Lord Kuber’s (the God of Wealth) direction, having a kitchen in North will increase the expenditure of family beyond expectations and control.
  • Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook.
  • If the cook faces south while cooking, then the family has to face monetary losses.
  • Avoid black color for kitchen wall and flooring.
  • Avoid keeping the refrigerator in North-East direction.

The one-time kitchen planning you undertake in the initial phase can go a long way in ensuring physical, emotional, mental and financial balance for the whole family. It is better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair.

Plan early, cook healthy, feel positive!

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